HyperX Gaming House Tour

Hey HyperX! I’m Apollo, this is Nisqy. Welcome to the EnVyUs House Tour! These are our shoes.

We, uh, have plenty of them. And, yeah, this is the gaming room over here. This is our manager, Toby. He’s working really hard right now.

– Best manager. – Setting up scrims all the time. We have a whiteboard that we don’t use very often. Just for…I dunno. – Random stuff? – Yeah, random stuff.

And this is our mini-fridge, packed with Monster Energy. All right, and this is my gaming area next to my support, Hakuho. Seraph is in a solo queue game. Working very hard. Um…he’s winning. He already has a kill.

Classic! – Nisqy’s area. – Yes, best area! – Mhm. And our jungler is also in a solo queue game.

Playing Maokai top. This is our living room area, kind of where we review our games. This chair… Would you like to explain what happened? – I don’t know why, but… – He can explain.

I don’t really remember exactly, but I think we just stepped on it. If we don’t have anything to review we play Uno. Because we… um…. We love Uno! Sometimes we lose and we tilt, and we play Uno. Even when we win we play Uno, so… Whiteboard … We use this… I guess Toby writes down some stuff, but we don’t really read it. And then Toby lost for an entire day of Uno, so…

The loser of the day. Another whiteboard. Oh my god, I didn’t realize we have so many. And then protein powder.

Wait… Product placement. I want them to sponsor me. Yeah, that’s for me and Seraph. This is our kitchen.

We, uh, have a cook that comes in Monday through Friday. Actually, and Saturday, I think. And… yeah, she cooks us like, a lot of Korean food, cleans for us. She’s awesome.

We’re definitely spoiled. This is our security footage [laughs] for the house. I think our owners, because we rent this place, I guess they just had cameras, just in case people were snooping around. This is our fridge. We have a lot of Korean stuff.

Yeah, I mean there’s some salad there. Nothing too interesting. And ketchup here. This is only for me, actually. This is for him to put on his steak.

And that’s it for the kitchen. Yeah, okay. This is mine. Me and Lira’s room.

This is where Lira sleeps. And this is my bed. And this is a little thing. A cute thing. – All right.

– Upstairs. Yeah, I think we’re gonna go upstairs now. All right. So, we’re gonna be going to Seraph’s room first. I’ve actually never been here.

So, it’s cute. He’s got a nice full body pillow. He did have a bed, but… – Not anymore. – Not anymore!

So now he’s got an air mattress. Something bad happened to his bed. And… Oh, actually this looks really nice. – Yeah, he’s actually reading books. – A lot. Yeah, yeah, it’s kind of cool.

I didn’t know. So this is the bathroom. This is kind of both Seraph and our manager Toby’s bathroom.

But yeah, it just goes into Toby’s room. He’s got a nice big bed. – This room is actually nice. – I know, this is a nice room.

I kinda wish I had this room. But it’s okay. He’s got a stand? I guess that’s for when he’s like “sleeping,” and then you can put your phone there. – Yeah. – That’s actually pretty nice.

That’s a good idea. That’s cool. And he’s got some, uh, Monster Energy and yeah, some random stuff, some t-shirts. All right, so this is mine and Hakuho’s room.

We have our beds here, some junk, and a lot of anime figurines for Nick. I think he went to Anime Expo and got some of these. Also, something he got at Anime Expo actually, yeah this year. A nice big Final Fantasy Online bag. That’s huge. All right, so this is our own private balcony.

This, uh, gym here sort of, I don’t really use it because it’s kind of dirty. And there’s not much to use. I think the reason why people stopped using this is because there’s a spider in here. It scared everyone out. That’s what Nick said, er, Hakuho said.

– Yeah, it’s a little scary in here. – Yeah, I don’t wanna- – I wouldn’t want to work out in there. So we go to… we go to LA Fitness. [laughter] All right, so, this is our outdoor area.

We have fishes. We have a fence to protect them from the birds. And yeah, they will be tonight’s dinner.

So, hoping to get those nice and cooked. We have a putting green, actually. It’s super nice.

I think I’m the only one that actually used the putters and putted here. But… It’s cool.

We got a chicken coop here, down here. We don’t have any chickens, but apparently our previous owner had like, chickens down here. And then I think they weren’t allowed to keep them anymore. Uh, not gonna say what happened to the chickens, obviously, but use your imagination. Thank you, HyperX, for coming. And yeah, goodbye!

Oooh! Mango? That looks good.

Ohhh, there’s ice cream sandwiches? – When did we get THESE? – I don’t know. Wait, these are actually awesome! Did you get these?

– Maybe Toby got these. – Probably. – I don’t see anyone else doing that. – Yeah, yeah. I don’t know.