Korean Sivir Guide

Hello. This video is dedicated to Sivir. I am happy to explain you how to play her. What are the Sivir advantages?

Advantages: Late game scaling. It is hard to stop Sivir when you get into the late game. It is a strong champion when she is in a right position.

Advantages: Late game scaling, Spell Shield (E ability). Having spell shield up lets you to play aggressive, you can block a lot of spells with it. You can play very recklessly when it is up.

Advantages: Late game scaling, Spell Shield (E ability), Wave Clear. Having wave clear is great nowadays, because of the minion changes. Minions nowadays attack stronger and have more health. Disadvantages: Laning phase. Sivir’s laning phase is relatively weak.

She doesn’t deal much damage during lane phase, so we have to play relatively defensive in the earlier stages of a game. That’s all there is to it, rest does not really matter. Spell Shield skill helps you a lot with other possible issues.

Champion Synergies. Your main strength is pushing lanes, so you lack early game damage. As a result Sivir is a difficult champion to get kills by herself. You have to do it with your support. In that sense Ardent Censer supports are weaker for you than engage supports.

Champion Synergies: Long distance coverage. Your ultimate lets your cover big ranges very fast. As a result it is good for microgaming casinos, because your jungler and support can engage from any place of a lane with it.

So, champions like Tahm Kench or supports with hooks are great. Overall tank supports are great for you. Itemization: Stormrazor, Rapid Firecannon. If your opponents have weird team with an assassin like mid Zed, top Akali, jungle KhaZix then I might go with Phantom Dancer. Itemization: Stormrazor, Rapid Firecannon, Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, Guardian Angel or Mercurial Scimitar or Last Whisper any other Zeal item. I think this is the items you usually build.

Basically itemization is the same as for any other critical damage ad carries. Maybe it’s a time to change it or is it? Runes Sivir’s keystone is Fleet Footwork. Sivir is a defensive champion, because she needs to scale. Fleet Footwork helps you to survive laning phase. Frankly speaking all this runes are must have, there is nothing you can change in them.

Now let’s go into the game. Hi, everyone! Welcome to my Sivir guide! Sivir just got buff on her Q, but it doesn’t matter that much.

I would’ve made this video regardless of changes. Ok, let’s focus on a game! Last hit! Ah fuuu…~ Some of you like Sivir and some don’t. I should’ve done this video anyway.

It is just that some people are like to fight straight away from the beginning and some don’t. Sivir is a champion that would rather not fight early game. Her goal is just to farm, farm farm, farm, farm, farm and then start fighting after third item. Focus on CS, kill minions one by one.

Try to not missing any, giving up even one of them really is a big waste. When you got your Manaflow Band we should try to hit our opponents with Q to start stacking it. Don’t use Q randomly. Use it when your opponent goes to last hit minion. He will be stuck in one place and you won’t miss your spell on him.

Hitting with your boomerang twice really hurts for your opponents If your mana falls lower than 200 try to conserve your spell usage for a bit. Remember, you need about 200 mana for your full combo (230 to be certain). I like to keep my mana high.

It is really more important to have a good CS score than to kill. Recalling with enough gold for BF is your best back timing. It will be way easier to CS with additional attack damage from items. Now press W and CS it slowly, keep attention to ricochets. Oh, getting tower plate would be very nice!

If you getting low on mana, you can intentionally let opponents to hit you with their spells and block them with shield. Even if Sivir’s Q goes though champion it will still deal 100% damage to other champions on its path. So, if you see a few champions stacked near each other – use your Q on them. It is good to use it even if there is low number of champions stacked near each other.

For example, only at two champions. So, you open video and tell yourself “wow, he is really a progamer, he farms so well!” Honestly, the only reason why you don’t farm that well is because you fight in lane too much. How did I get so good at farming? I simply practiced it in training mode.

Just do one farming drill a day, eventually you will start last hitting better and better. It is an actual practice routine for professional players. There is a lot of benefit in it. I naturally push lane and this lets me harass my opponents.

As soon as I killed all minions I can start harassing. That way I maintain high CS number and pressure opponents at the same time. I think it would’ve been too hard if carry champions required to think about more things besides good farming. I will use all my mana now to farm this minions. Now let’s recall back to base.

BF is when you can actually start pushing lane hard. Even if opponents had pushing advantage in early levels, when I get BF I get lane priority over them. You can clear minions super-fast with W-Q combo. All you need is to get accustomed to the damage of your W. I’ve almost got this tower plate gold. It is very good to get this bonus gold. Ok, we got it after all, good.

Additional gold from tower plates helps you to get your power spikes way faster. Now, when we have enough gold for Stormrazor lets recall back to base. I will let Thresh last hit cannon minion. So, if my jungler comes to my lane we can do something aggressive there.

I have Stormrazor now, so my damage is similar to KaiSa. Stormrazor’s passive isn’t that good for a Sivir, because its effect goes against Sivir auto attack cancel combo. So, when you clear the wave, instead of autoing minions and pressing W right when projectile left your champions arm, you just press W before first autoattack. This is a small disadvantage of the item.

(This trick makes every bounce of your first W autoattack crit on every minion. It is the same in teamfight.) Let’s harass a little bit. Here comes the double Q damage. Let’s activate ultimate for additional movement speed.

And you too. Clean! You can wait three seconds to let your Stormrazor passive kick in a situations like this Ah, such nice wave clear.

I am very satisfied with my farming this game. I can get this regardless of Zac. Sorry, Zac! Wait for Stormrazor passive to get off cooldown, before using W to clear the wave. Now, I will go back to base.

Let’s check if our opponents are fed or not. Well, it is only Yasuo who is fed and I don’t care about it too much. Let’s go top now.

We need to think towards which lane are we going next. Mid is dead, so let’s not move to the top lane. OH!~ What? If he can do this that well, let’s not play games with Yasuo.

Let’s go top, let’s go top. I need to go to Rumble’s tower. Go top, let’s go top.

Rumble will cover midlane tower. No, no, no, back, back, back. I am a little bit afraid. Usually my jungler will be there to help with defence. When no one of your teammates want to help you – just go farm anything that is nearby. You can farm, farm, farm, farm and then you will get three items as fast as I will.

In this game it will be good to buy Phantom Dancer. Since their most fed member will try to get on me. Sivir is also a very short ranged champion and Phantom Dancer passive will help me with kiting my opponents.

No, what? I am just hitting frontline. I am just hitting frontline. Oh, shi..~ I am still scaling, so I don’t want to force the issue.

Once you die, the game is destroyed. You are the team’s hope. If I will be careful about Yasuo rest of their team won’t be hard to kill. I am focused only on his engage on me. I always tell myself what will be important in a teamfight, what is going to bring the most danger to me. Take it slowly.

You have to get as much CS as possible during midgame. Kill him, kill him. Oh, my God. If my Q did hit I would’ve gotten the kill.

Now, I’m almost finished my third item. When I will get it, killing opponents team will be a free ride. Predicting her usage of blast plant. Being calm led to me getting a kill.

Yasuo is bot, I’m not afraid of anything without him! You have to realize when not every of your teammates is nearby. Like in this situation. Thresh is dead.

Just leave him without any hesitation. You aren’t allowed to give opponents 1000 gold bounty. It’s okay. Now, when I have three items, I think I can hard carry this game. Sejuani landed a good ultimate. Take a fight slowly.

I can block her ult with spell shield. Yasuo bought Sterak’s Gage. Our team needs to chip him first to force Sterak’s passive. Just press W and kite, kite.

It is good to be behind your tanks while your Spell Shield is down. I should hit their carry since he is in my range. Give it to me. Ah, that was good fight for me. I was just kiting and kiting. Thresh landed a nice hook.

Take all of their jungle on the way back. Take all of camps. Ok, now let’s back, let’s back. I will buy Bloodthirster now, because of Yasuo. Mercurial is good, but opponents have Yasuo instead of AP champion.

If they had one, I wouldn’t bought BT. Good. Let’s take Mountain Drake.

It is good, because it helps you with taking Baron. You deal more damage to Baron with it. Oh, Baron?

Let’s take Baron since their jungler is dead for 30 seconds. Oh, please, follow the pings, process incoming information, 30 seconds until their jungler. Where are you going?!

I don’t think they will contest, they are too split. They can’t contest. Sejuani has smite. That’s all Baron is taken. Oh, farm, farm. Now, we can buy some defensive items.

Usually I would buy second Zeal item, but I look at my team and only one that deals damage and fed is me. So I will buy Guardian Angel, because there are a lot of champions that will try to kill me. Faster, faster. You’ve got to push while opponents aren’t there.

Let’s kill it, I need you to do it with me. Now, just go the the lane that is pushing. Red buff did respawn.

Let’s take red, on our way to the lane. Red will give you additional damage both to champions and tower. They are coming one by one. Let’s just hit them front to back. I can stop attacking their tank for now.

I should attack their damage dealers when I will have them in my range. Ah, this revive will be wasted, because all of my team is dead! Their team played this very well, that’s why we lost it. Ah, we lose tower after it.

We almost caught him. Yes, yes. Ah~ Irelia landed ult on two people. W for aoe damage, don’t forget to use Q. I shouldn’t let Yasuo’s get out. Let’s help Thresh if he will land his hook. Yasuo is dead.

I wonder if we could end the game right now. I don’t think we will be able to end, since it’s only me who is full hp. Use W. I have to use aoe damage from it well.

Use W on minions. Let’s fake like we going in. Ah, this situation was too uncertain.

This time we need to have a really good fight. Yasuo is free to go on me, because I have has no GA. I have to play on the back. Lets go back and play slow. We have mid pushing for us.

Brand, brand. Let’s fight. What we can do now? Baron, let’s take baron.

KaiSa is gone too Let’s recall and push out together now. Come here, help us. Take the fight slowly, kite.

Good job. Oh, it hit all of us. Spell Shield that. His ultimate landed on all of us.

Let’s split ourselves, let’s split. Oh, I got hit. Spell shield that. Good. Nice!