Online Casino Bonus Guide

One of the important factors in the selection of a good online casino is the types of bonuses and promotion offers it provides for its players. Most of the casinos now present on the web offer some sort of Best Online Casino or incentives to their customers. Also, with the growing number of online casinos on the web, the competition between the sites becomes fierce as each online casino tries to lure more customers with better bonuses. Today almost all of the online casinos offer their players a special sign up bonus on registration. The bonus percentage differs from casino to casino and you will usually find that it is the casino with the best online casino bonuses and payout rates that have the largest customer base.

The sign up bonus usually provides a match on your initial deposit amount to pre-set maximum amount. The percentages and limitations vary. For instance, Golden casino provides a match up to $555 whereas the English Harbor Casino provides a match up to $275. In addition to this some casinos also throw in some free gaming time; Spin Palace Casino gives its non-U.S players 1 hour of free gaming time with the sign up bonus of $500 as well.

What must be kept in mind is that although every online casino has bonuses to offer players, each bonus has its own specific terms and conditions which it first necessary to be fully aware of before playing at the casino and accepting the bonus. Big numbers do not always mean big bonuses as some of these bonuses often have very low limits or high requirements. Do not always ignore the 40% for the 400% bonus. Although it may seem like a good bet, these bonuses have very high wagering and playing requirements that may not make the bonus worth your time in the end.

The advent of the Best Online Casino has brought about a commendable increase in the gaming industry all over the world. The convenience, anonymity and accessibility that an online medium provides a player is far more than that of a land based casino, thus making an online casino a preferred means of gaming. The advanced gaming software by companies like MicroGaming and Playtech provide an entertaining and exciting gaming atmosphere with games with excellent graphics and sound technology with the aim of recreating the real Las Vegas type gaming surrounding.

Today there are casinos with three-dimensional gaming software that allow players to create their own avatars complete with their own wardrobe and emotive technology.