Personal Online Casino Gaming Experience

Mummys Gold Casinoreview

bankroll change: +$40

This one is Microgaming Casino, i deposited $100, decided not to claim bonus, and went to BJ table.I played Multi-hand Vegas Downtown BJ Gold, 2x$1 hands, then $5 a hand and finally 2x$5 hands. Was down to $17,5, so when i eventually hit $140 i decided its time for me to withdraw. Withdrawal was pending for one day , and it took another day to hit my Moneybookers account. This was pure gambling, as i’ve played without bonus, and was risking my own money. It turned quite good.

Intertops Casinoreview

bankroll change: -$80

That day i made $80 deposit and received 100% bonus. Since the WR for BJ was huge (1500x deposit plus bonus) , i asked customer support to remove the bonus. 2x$5 hands was my starting point, and my goal was to try to double up my initial deposit. It started really well for me, and soon i went up to $130, but from there i was only going down. Eventually i lost it all. Again this was pure gambling, was trying either to win big or bust trying.

Europa Casinoreview

bankroll change: -$80

Europa Casino offers sticky 100% up to $100 bonus,WR 24xb&d(for BJ).
I made $80 deposit, and immediately received $80 bonus.Starting point $160.i started playing 2x$5 hands(BJ table),but after 4 consecutive lost, i switched to 2x$10.The dealer was very hostile,and after loosing couple of doubles i was down to $40, then made back to $100.At that moment i thought my luck was changing,but i was wrong. Dealer kept on pulling BJs and 21s, and i kept loosing doubles, so after few minutes i lost all money..
Thats the way with stickies, you lose some, but when you win, you win big time…

Casino Kingreview

bankroll change: +$300

Back then , Casino King was offering 125% non cashable bonus up to $125 ( now its 100% up to $100 ). So after consulting my friend Josh, i decided to give it a go. I deposited $100 using my moneybookers account,  and instantly received $125 bonus. Starting point $225.The WR for this bonus was 15xb+d or $3375 to wager.As usual my goal was to try to hit $500 and then start grinding.I played single hand BJ ( $25 a hand). I won 1st few hands, but then i run to bad streak and at 1 point i went down to $65. But from there i started to win more and more hands, and slowly got to the $500. At that point i finished almost 90% of WR, so i decied to grind a bit.I have minimized bets at $5, and eventually on $2 a hand.
When i decided to withdraw money, i was still at $500, and some $1000 over the WR.
4 days later i received $400 to my MB account, which means nice $300 profit ($100 was non cashable bonus, deducted from my balance, $100 was my deposit and $300 were my winnings).

Casino Las Vegasreview

bankroll change: +$270

I Made $80 deposit using Moneybookers, and received100% bonus plus additional $70 for using MB as deposit option. Starting balance $230. The WR for this bonus was 25x (b+d),or $5750 to wager. I started playing $25 a hand at BJ table, and after few swings, i was soon up to $500. By that time i cleared about 1/5 of the WR.

My goal was to try to hit $500, and since i achieved that, i started playing $5 a hand. Soon my bankroll started to increase, and at 1 point i was up to $800. But since i was only at half of the WR, i have continued playing $5 a hand, instead minimizing my bets to $1. Bottom line, after WR was met i was down to $550, and eventually i lost another $50 doing some cover play..

After submiting withdrawal request, i was left with $350,since $150 was sticky bonus. Which means $270 profit for me.The withdrawal was pending for 4 and 1/2 days, and it took another 2 days to hit my MB account.

Enter Casinoreview

bankroll change: +$195

This was my very first sticky(non cashable) bonus.And obviously i was very nervous when i started to play.

Made $75 deposit using moneybookers, and received 200% sign up bonus, instead of 100%. Bankroll $225. Contacted live chat, they confirmed that the WR is 12X b+d, in all $2700 to wager. I played $25 a hand( single player BJ). After wagering half of WR I was up to $500. As I was approaching the WR, I started minimizing my bets, at $10, $5, and eventually started grinding $1 a hand. By the time i cleared WR I was around $470.
Day 2: So feeling quite happy, I decided to play more ( as cover play), played even some slots, Jacks or better, and soon I wagered over $3800. Than I decided to contact live chat to once more confirm the terms, and they told me again that WR is 12xd+b, so being way over WR i decied to withdraw. By that time I lost $50, so my bankroll was at $420, which meant I could withdraw $270. I submitted the request, and the withdrawal was pending.
Day 3: That friday morning i received email from enter casino CS, they cancelled my withdrawal,saying i didn’t meet WR, and that I still have to wage some $1750 or so! and that the WR is 25x B+D instead of 12! I was badly surprised, so I sent them a response, saying that I got the different info from their live chat , and I submitted the screen shot of that chat as a proof.
At my GREAT pleasure, they validate my claims, and allowed me to withdraw. So 4 days later I got $270 to my MB, which means nice $195 profit.

Sportingbet review

bankroll change: +45

They were once Super Vegas casino, now its Paradise casino.They had nice little bonus 100% up to $50.I played the instant version of the casino,which was a bit slow,but as my result shows i got away with almost whole bonus as profit.Again i was playing $1 a hand.It took about 4 days to get my money to credit card.


bankroll change: +$200

One of the best cahsable bonuses in the business.I deposited $200 and immidiately got $200 bonus.At $1 a hand it took me about 3 days( playing approximately 4h per day) to meet WR.I ran to huge losing streaks, at one point was down to $290, but things changed quicky  to my favour.By the time i met wagering requirements i was at $400,meaning nice $200 profit.Three days later the funds were safely on my credit card account.