PSP Video Game Review

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Now I enjoy my games being a little deeper than your run of the mill iOS game. I like having things to think over and multiple ways to play through a game. I like games that you can just pick up and know basically how to play, but only after hours of playing know all the little secrets. Something that is not as deep as, say Anna Karenina but a little more complex than Fox in Sox. And then comes the game Yggdra Union for the PSP, which makes The Sound and the Fury seem as complicated as Hopscotch. Yggdra Union: We’ll Never Fight Alone, is a tactical card battle, role playing game set with a fantasy story.

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The story follows the princess of Fantasinia out to retake her home with the aid of a band of thieves. The story is told through dialogues before and after each mission, with some nice looking character art go with it. While the voice acting is very…anime, it keeps your attention even though the story which can be a little ridiculous at time. The characters are so filled with angst, I’m surprised it’s not coming out their ears. But while the story may be complex, it is nothing in comparison to the battles.

This is not one of those easy to learn, hard to master games. This is hard to learn, and I can’t imagine ever mastering it. The battles start off as a strategy game. First you select a card, this determines your turn.

Each card comes with a number, that’s how many moves you are allowed. When you are in position, you can engage in battle. This starts with a rush at the enemy, dealing damage.

The battle then continues, with your attacks determined by the strength of your card. If you beat your enemy, it will lower their morale. Each mission has a goal, and restriction, such as don’t die. There is plenty to keep thinking about, as you have to choose your skills, your cards, your attack positions, while not sacrificing your defense. This can leave your brain fried, but also wanting more to try out new strategies.

The visuals look impressive, with a hand drawn style that is very pleasing to the eye. The characters and animations and even the spirits look unique, with big hair and even bigger swords. If you are looking for an RPG that will demand your time and attention, this one is worth your time, if only to humble you.