– This water is incredibly blue. Worse case scenario has happened. We have just ran aground. I knew it was shallow. (bird squawking) ♪ When the sky falls down ♪ ♪ Crashes to the ground ♪ ♪ I know you will be ♪ ♪ Lying next to me ♪ – [Elayna Voiceover] Last time here on the Vagabond, We arrived in the Dominican Republic and had a blast checking in and out of the country on the same day.

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– We’ve just been absolutely bent over. – [Elayna Voiceover] We met a guy called Denis, and he took us on his dirt bikes for a quick spin through the outbacks so we could get a feel of the place before we would set the sails again that afternoon. ♪ I don’t wanna go home ♪ We also left our pal Stefan here, because he was flying back to Germany. – Goodbye, the Vagabond YouTube Channel people. (laughing) – Then we untied the lines for an overnight sail to our next destination.

Nice work. Sofia is behind us, and we’re thinking of shaking out a breeze, because we’re not going very fast right now, but Riley needs to calculate some things to check what time we’re going to arrive tomorrow, because we need to arrive when the sun’s behind us, because of how shallow Turks and Caicos is. We really need that vision in the water, and the waves are disturbingly large right now. It’s pretty sad saying goodbye to Shukran. Whoa. Big wave, big wave.

Jeez. Yeah, Stefan was just such an amazing help on board, and he’s just a really, really good kid, so thank you Stefan for joining us. We love you very much. – He’s older than you. (laughing) – Is he?

– Yeah – I feel like we’re– – I’m his age. (laughing) – We love you, Stefan. I know we’ll see you soon, I’m sure.

– So, that is the Dominican Republic, that is Turks and Caicos, and the wind is coming from there. Now, I thought it was going be stronger, which would mean that with the current sail plan we’d be able to head downwind at a reasonable clip, and then we could either wind the head sail in, or do something like that to have it very calm conditions, ’cause I’m sick of staying awake all night. I will obviously maintain a vigilant watch, but I wouldn’t be having to keep such a close eye on the instruments and all that sort of stuff. Because the wind’s not as strong, we are gonna throw up some more sail, so that we can head downwind more, and have the waves instead of hitting us on a bend hitting us sort of back here and still be going at, fast.

– [Elayna] All right, let’s do it. – [Riley] Yep. – So we were only in the Dominican Republic in that one anchorage, which is called, what, what is that anchorage called, Riles? – [Riley] Luperon.

– Luperon and I was just wowed. Just completely amazed with how beautiful the place was. I really underestimated it. I haven’t heard much about the Dominican Republic, and we talked to a few locals, and they said it’s not a very popular tourist destination, but I think it should be, man. Like, it’s cheap. I’ve never seen so many beautiful animals, and trees, and just, the people are genuinely nice.

Like, everyone waves at you, and they’re actually very happy to see you. It’s not just like a hi, tourist. So, we are really hoping to convince Riley’s dad and their friends to come back here with us. So, we might go up to Turks and Caicos and stay there for a few days and maybe sail back here, because I heard there’s a bunch of waterfalls, which I’d really love to check out. Really, really good vibe there. I highly recommend going to the Dominican Republic.

– [Riley] What’s up, madame? – We’ll complain– – Woo, madame! Sailor woman. Woohoo.

It’s a good one. What’s up? (laughing) – I don’t know what that is. The weather’s made Riley and I in a very strange mood. We just got like a skull over here.

– [Riley] It’s a skull. – Hopefully, we miss it, but the boat’s been carrying on like a pork chop, ’cause the wind’s been doing weird things, and we still don’t have a correct wind reading, wind direction reading. Not that that even helps right now. – [Riley] I’m sailing via the force.

– And the sky is beautiful. Like, very good to watch right now. There’s heaps of different levels of clouds. They’re moving real quick. – [Riley] Some moving faster than others. – Yep, in different directions.

Well, it’s a miracle everyone. I managed to get to sleep in the first half of the night. So, from, I can’t remember what time I went to bed. I think it was like nine or something, until one. So, it is the first time this has happened on the first night sailing, so to celebrate, I’ve decided to make us some fried bananas. – [Riley] Woohoo.

– And all I did today was exercise in the morning and stay in the sun all day, so that worked. I’m very proud of myself. Are you proud of me? – I couldn’t be prouder Elayna. – Thank you. Well it doesn’t look that appealing.

It actually looks quite strange, but. Fried banana, coconut milk, vanilla essence, and a little block of dark chocolate. What do you rate it? – 10. – Really?

– 11. – Really? Lies. – I’m pretty hungry.

It’s nice. – So Riley and I were just talking about how those shorter sails seem to be the harder ones. Like this sail, an overnight sail from one country to another. There’s just so much more you have to pay attention to on a night like tonight. Like there’s traffic in this channel, there’s sholes, there’s reefs.

Being out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, you’re just so much freer. The chances of you seeing another ship are just so slim like, I think, in all the bigger crossings that we’ve done, I think it was on the Pacific Crossing, we only saw one ship in the whole 21 days, so yeah. On a little crossing like this, you gotta stay much more vigilant.

So we’ve done one jibe, and we will do another tomorrow morning. So we’re kind of going like this, up to Turks and Caicos, and we kind of underestimated how long it was gonna take us to get there, and I think that we’ll have to anchor behind the west island for the night, tomorrow night. Because we’re thinking we might not have enough sunlight to get through the channel and to Providenciales, which is another 10 nautical miles. While I’m here to, I just have to say thank you to you guys for sending in all of your tips on helping me try and sleep on passages, ’cause you guys know I’ve been having a lot of trouble with sleep lately, so thank you so much I had so many, really helpful tips, and I did experiment with a few of them.

But, I have to admit that I think the best thing for me, is, like, a very large workout and sunshine. Like I said it’s the first time I’ve been able to sleep on the first half of the night on the first night of a crossing, in the history. It’s a day to remember.

I really hope I can do it again. But, yeah, thank you guys. Good morning, you guys! I would just like to quickly invite two of our patrons on board to join us in the Bahamas.

So congratulations, and a big thank you to Bianca Rose and Matt Dixon. We love you guys. None of this would be possible without you, so cheers! We really hope we can meet you and show you a good time. What’s going on? – I’ve been beaten.

The winds were different than forecast, and we’ve had to smash on both engines, so that we can get to Providenciales tonight to meet dad. Caicos is surrounded by a reef, which means that you can’t really navigate through there during dusk or dawn, or certainly with the sun in your eyes, because of all of the surrounding coral heads. Once you are in the thick of the atoll, once you’ve entered it, you really have to be paying attention. We would originally have to go the whole way around, and then anchor on the edge and meet dad probably tomorrow morning, and I found a potential pass from the south all the way through everything to the north. Better that to have found this, and be able to go through the whole lot, and anchor where we said we would and everything be all good. So here’s the scenario, I was trying to do a little bit more of night shift than Elayna and Stefan.

Stefan being inexperienced running a Code D. (audio scratching) And Stefan being. (dinging) Because we had just arrived in the Dominican Republic from Sombrero, I was quite tired. I was exhausted actually. We’re there for about 30 hours, of which I slept for 16, rode a motorbike for the rest, and if I wasn’t doing that I was checking in or out of the Dominican Republic. Now what happened was last night, I set two alarms, ’cause I was getting extraordinarily fatigued, laid down and fell asleep, but didn’t wake up again. Both alarms went off, and I was just completely out of it.

Normally, I wouldn’t do that around reefs and stuff, but it, just, completely exhausted. I fell asleep and didn’t wake up to both alarms. (dinging) What I’m saying here is that I fell asleep for two hours straight, sailing 10 nodical miles alongside a reef. So who I’d like to hear from are, other cruisers and real world situations, and how long do you actually sleep for?

Often, I’ll be having a drink at a bar with some people, and they’ll go, how long do you sleep for? Oh, yeah, you know. So I’d love to hear ’cause the comment section is obviously notoriously anonymous, so I’d love to from you guys and I’d also love to hear from the sticklers.

What exactly are the rules? Tell me exactly how bad that is, and all of that sort of stuff. Looking forward to reading through those comments, cheers. – Well, I haven’t done much filming today. Mostly because Riley’s been making the most of having no guests on board, and he’s been prancing around the house naked.

So, I was unable to take too many shots, but we’re coming up to our entry. You can see it. The water starts to turn really light blue.

Do you want me to unlock this? Yep, all yours. And, you can see our little island of white sand. We’re just about to drop the sails.

This water is incredibly blue. – It’s bluer than the finest stone of Galveston. – And have you ever seen this stone? – No, not as such, my lord, but I know a couple of people who have, and they say it is very, very blue indeed.

– Bluer than the Infanta’s eyes, Elayna. – And have these people seen the Infanta’s eyes? – No, I shouldn’t think so my lord. – And neither have you, I presume.

– No, my lord. – So what you are telling me, Percy, is that something you have never seen is slightly less blue than something else you have never seen. – I want to drink it.

I think I need some water actually. – Numerous coral heads, Elayna. Every chart that I’ve ever read, in a place like this, it just always says numerous coral heads. It’s like we couldn’t be bothered charting them, just numerous.

– Alright Riley, I’m jumping in. ♪ Wednesday night, and your best friend ♪ ♪ Is the logo above your breast ♪ ♪ Try your best to try and seem the happiest ♪ – The water is so nice and blue. ♪ Insist you do the best of what you make ♪ ♪ It’s all a bluff, for a royal fake ♪ – [Radio] Hello, this is (mumbling) on radio.

– The MMSI number is S-T-F. ♪ Give it time, you don’t know ♪ ♪ How to change, oh no ♪ ♪ Look outside, you might just realise ♪ – [Elayna Voiceover] A port side marker had been washed away in a storm, the channel is so unbelievably narrow. We only drifted a few metres off course before we landed on this sandbank. All right, so worse case scenario has happened.

We have just ran aground, so we’re not moving. We are on a big sandbank right now. I heard a scrape on the bottom, which I didn’t like the sound of. So Riley just hopped in the dingy, and he is going into the Marina to help find someone, and we’re drifting at a very slow pace towards the rocks over here.

So, I’m freaking out. I’m really freaking out. I knew it was shallow. (seagull squawking) It’s the back that’s on, it’s the rudders, which is pretty bad. You can see the front’s just out of the water.

I just dunked my head in the water, and I can’t see anything the water is so murky. – I think we want to go a little more reverse port. – [Riley] Thank you very much. – On your port here, it kind of sticks out a little, so you kind of wanna be to starboard a little, but you really are good if you can stay right in the middle. – [Elayna] We owe this guy so much beer it’s ridiculous.

– [Man] You’re free! (laughing) – Heart is still beating about a thousand miles an hour. We just made it in to the marina, and tied off to these concrete blocks, and Riley had a bit of an accident. What happened? – I fell down the hole.

I opened the hatch up, and grabbed a rope out. Troy will laugh at this, Daniel, because he was always telling me to put ’em down, and he was right. And then, yeah, I fell down the hole. – [Elayna] It’s pretty freaking bad. – No doubt I’ll get bitten by a shark next time I go free diving.

– [Elayna Voiceover] Next week, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men put Riley back together again, before we’re greeted by our Australian family. – Hello, it’s Anthony. I’m back on board and being put to work immediately. – [Elayna Voiceover] And we take on Turks and Caicos.

♪ What you care to die for, what you care to die for ♪ ♪ Snow glistens on the ledge, whiskey on the bed ♪ ♪ Shake it out and light a cigarette ♪ ♪ I’ll miss me when you ♪ ♪ You ♪