The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners VR Review

Welcome to the Oasis, my name is Mike, and today I’m excited to be giving you an early look at some gameplay of the upcoming VR game, The Walking Dead, saints and sinners. Now I’ve been excited about this game ever since it was first announced. So when I was contacted on behalf of skydance Interactive to play the game early on the channel for a sponsored video, I was like yeah, of course, if, like me, you’re also really excited about the game. Thankfully you don’t have to wait too long. The Walking Dead, saints and sinners will be releasing on the 23rd of January 2020 for all PC VR headsets, including the valve index riff des vive and windows mixed reality headsets.

So you can go ahead and wishlist the game on Steam right now. The game will also be coming to psvr in quarter one of 2020 and the oculus quest in quarter three of 2020. Now, alongside the game that the developers have also launched a short podcast series, so you can get immersed into the story before the game launches and they also have some physical collector’s edition items, including a themed backpack from the game, which also doubles as a VR. Headset. Carry case – and this is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this – for a VR game, which is for me really exciting.

You can check out the podcast and the different editions of the game using the links in the description down below. I hope you enjoy this one and without further ado, let’s dive inokay welcome to the walking dead, saints and sinners and, as you can see here, when it’s kind of like alleyway right now, we’ve got some walkers that have been trapped. So we can test out some of the games, mechanics.

So, let’s see you can spin the knife round to hold it either way. Let’S just go for it and take this dude out. Oh man, oh, you really have to pull the knife out. It gets proper stuck in their skulls, that’s totally gross, but also totally awesome. At the same time, let’s try a forward strike this time. Oh I missed.

Oh, we have to push it even further to to kill them. Of course, as we know from the TV show, the only way to kill a zombie is to to take out the brain, one more overhand that is so so gross, and the fact that you have to hold their head to pull the knife back out again is Absolute savage and that knife is broken now, so each of the items in game have a sort of durability. Look at the blood on my hands, they’re, so crazy.

Look at that! There’S nuts! So over time they will break and degrade, meaning you’re gon na have to find a new weapon or craft a new one. Oh man, look at this and the cool thing about the weapons in this game is that they’ve got some weight to them. So you know you’ve really got to grab it with two hands and swing it, but it’s got this kind of weighty feel to it, which is really cool, so grab the axe with both hands and chop them in the head.

Roger that, Oh me, I can actually pull him out. I can pull him out. His head is still stuck on my axe. That’S crazy man! How do I get my ex back that is so brutal, so brutal, so awesome at the same time, ha ha ha. If we spin it round, can we use the claw rend?

I don’t think so. No straight out onto the floor and Max is broken. Oh No.

I’Ve got to run the gauntlet of zombies trying to get me so shake off the walkers when they grab. You got it. Oh man. Look at my blood-soaked hands, that’s crazy-looking! Oh yes, now we’ve got a gun. This is what I’m talking about pick up the pistol.

It looks nice, that’s for sure, and this is what I mean where you’ve got durability of your weapons and you could obviously salvage it for scrap which will become more important later on which rod I’ll show you. So where can we use this for target practice? Oh buddy, let’s spin around and I love the way you can cup the gun with two hands: that’s really cool to make sure you you’re aiming right down the sights. So this is the ammo check it in our pouch eject the mag, which is a pop. A new mag in I’ll pull the slide back.

That’S nice! That’S nice! Ok! Let’S talk to this dude see what he wants us to do.

Now that you’ve seen all there is to see. Would you like to exit the combat tutorial? Absolutely yes I’ll be down the tourist in the flesh. Oh stories about you’ve been buzzing all over to buy you.

Where does evil reach NOLA yeah, but if the city’s, where you’re headed, will, I suspect your story? This is just beginning. Oh okay, so we’ve reached the cemetery where we’ve got to meet the old man that we were talking to at the campfire, and basically the story so far is that we are a character known as the tourists we’re in this decimated New Orleans, which is flooded after Zombie infestation and there’s two warring factions in the city right now, one known as the tower one known as the reclaimed and as the old man said, there’s some sort of old, Cold War bunker somewhere with loads of supplies that we need to go and find. I’M really digging the vibe so far make sure this one’s dead can never be too sure. Let’S get out torch out, that’s better!

Oh, maybe you’ve seen better days. Oh me as crazy. Let’S keep going.

The whole place looks really rundown and so eerie and quiet. This way, oh yeah, it looks like it. Oh another Walker, oh my, that’s, nuts, look at the blood dripping down as well. My hands all covered in blood.

Now, let’s keep going see if we can find this old man. Oh my torch is running out. Luckily, though, it’s a shake right, we can just recharge it by shaking it, which is a cool little mechanic. Oh God, oh god, what’s happened here.

Oh crap is the old man. Oh can’t get you out, please! I can’t take no more. Oh, we gon na talk to him relax.

It’S me what happened to you. Take it easy, I’m here, no one’s gon na harm, you and you take it easy. I’M here, no one is gon na harm. You anymore, no, no sides! I came down on me same time. Smaller not kept.

My mouth shut. He didn’t get shit. I don’t wall read. Oh, do me a solid the bus? Oh my god, all done, don’t don’t let it go to waste.

I’M begging you so long. Waterfall, hey! Wake up! Buddy, so long don’t go, don’t go, don’t go dude, Oh God!

Oh, Oh, Oh me he’s turned well. I guess we got to do the decent thing. Put him out of his misery. We can’t leave him like this. Oh mate, I’m sorry! Ah sorry old man!

Oh, that was intense, [ Laughter ], let’s keep moving well. I guess this is the bus that he was talking about. So the old man was protecting the secret of this Cold War, bunker full of supplies and stuff, but this is his bus that he’s kind of told us to take over, which is your kind of base of operations, and here you’ve got a map of New Orleans. The areas that you can explore you’ve got some items in here that you can store in your backpack for later.

You’Ve got a gun in here, crafted revolver pop that in our bag as well. Well so we got there might be useful, ah some bandages, and if you just want to pop it straight into your backpack, you can just drop it over. Your left. Shoulder and it’ll go straight into your inventory, so you can’t venture out a night drink from the flask until the morning.

So I guess that’s when you want to go to sleep and we’ve got storage here we can put all your items and a rack for all your guns and stuff nice. This is a really cool little base of operations and we’ve got a broken roof over here. I guess we can repair maybe later on, so the first task is to repair the radio.

So let’s pop this battery into the radio and turn this on, and then he was talking about channel 61, which is the waterfall. Oh wait and I’ve got an antenna in my backpack, oh nice. We need a microphone, that’s why that makes sense. Okay.

So we need a microphone to transmit on that signal. So we can talk to some more survivors out here. We’Ve got some more crafting stations and some objectives, so this is the survival station unlocks basic bandage upgrades was this one gun station? Okay and this one is gear station.

So you’ve got these different stations to unlock and craft different items, which is really neat. I guess we can maybe cook some food on there as well, and we’ve got some tuna, so we can save that for later and got some arrows nice. We don’t have a boat yet, but I guess he’s gon na come in useful.

Let’S have a little look here before we sort of go to sleep for the night, so you’ve got these warring factions, they’re acclaimed and the taua factions, and they must be after this Cold War bunker full of supplies as well. So I guess we’ve got to find it before they do. Oh and we’ve got this little boat, so you can’t travel at night. Of course it’s dangerous. There’S lots of walkers around. Let’S go to sleep then and see where we can go and explore more of New Orleans.

Okay, so now we’ve woken up, and this is the only level I can actually show you of the game, and this is the Bywater which is, as you can see, a little bit later on in the game, and a lot has happened since then, but I’m not Gon na spoil anything for you, you can go and check it out yourself, but let’s go and explore our mission here. If I show you is to go and find the pump regulator body and find the regulator dial, and these are some pump parts. So we get another step closer to the reserve walk over there in the distance, and this is our little Journal and you can use this to track your recipes. Your objectives, your vitals and also you’ve, got a little map here to show you where you can go and, as you can see, if you look around the little icon there moves. So, let’s a little have a little look around this area, see if we can complete the objective, which is to find these pump parts and maybe yeah talk to some of these factions.

But before we do that, though, I’ve just noticed that we’ve got the bat here which, if you’re a fan of The Walking Dead series, you’ll recognize this instantly. This, of course, is the bat that needing users called Lucille. I believe so. Let’S try Lucille out see how it goes. Mate he’s completely stuck brainy like negan.

Does this feels like a total badass weapon? Oh shots fired, hey buddy, we come in. We come in peace.

Oh whoa completely took that dude out. We have to keep our voices down. I’M in a bind, I need a third party to set some wheels emotional, someone unaligned nothing shady, I swim. Okay, I’m intrigued. You’Ve got my attention. What do you need meet me on the opposite?

Side of this build came to risk being overheard or seen where’s. He going, let’s follow him, take our back with us to meet God. Where is he taking me? Okay, here’s the deal I used to be with the town and I was happy there really, but I got a tendency to get mouthy and there was some things I solved that didn’t sit right with me. So I spoke my mind. My boyfriend warned me, but I didn’t listen.

I thought I could get through to these people, but whatever long story short, they kicked my ass out, I connected with reclaimed at a necessity to survive, but I don’t belong with them. I belong with Justin. He and I we need to put all this tower and reclaiming bullshit behind us. We need to make our own way. I’Ve written just in the letter lays out my plan for us to reunite. Then jet you play postal worker, get him the letter.

Then we can talk, reward. Okay, don’t worry I’ll deliver the letter. Then we can discuss your end of the bargain.

I ain’t a charity case and I’d like to be up front. Whenever I strike a deal. Here’S what I have to offer Industrial shit galore stocked up in the nearby warehouse next to the auto shop. I posted up in place is infested with walkers at the loading dock entrance, but there is a way in on the side from there.

You can slip right on past the fuckers without much trouble. I stashed the key to the side door somewhere, safe I’ll. Have it when you return.

Here’S the letter. Okay, some people, fighting zombies, it’s okay, dudes yesmy! Doesn’T look so tough, hey careful there! You don’t to be tasted in lucio now.

Take it easy you tube buddy got my trusty shoe picked up off the floor. Take this. Take this honestly Rosa shoot me right.

There’S enough of a Lucille. I think let’s do some shooting easy, buddy easy, buddy yeah. It really does feel like it used to be lived in. You know, graffiti everywhere everything looks messed up, houses boarded up. Oh here we go we’re at the lumberyard yeah we’re looking I’m looking for Justin okay, so I guess he’s up here: hello.

Okay, I’m sorry! Huh! Sorry, I did what are you doing around here? You need something I’m looking for Justin need to deliver something at you, yeah, I’m Justin. What do you have?

Okay? So, to give him the letter and go into my journal task letters Davin’s letter grab it my love and give it to him. The time is now thanks. Here’S my response. We let’s go, get it to him a little deal here, she’ll call each other again. This is the award I’ll deliver you later, no problem.

You try out this gun as well. This thang cigarettes before we head back and deliver the letter. Let’S have a little little cigarette.

Oh man is crazy. Oh yeah, this one’s for the road come a cigarette. It’S got my letter come again, so I need this. Jamie can’t actually like blow the smoke out. That’D be cool, but it is going down nice little touch.

Oh cigarettes out, hey buddy got your letter for you, you made it back god. I hope nobody saw. You did Justin send a reply, cheston’s laughs here it is.

He was glad to hear from you. Thank you so much. This letter made my day.

He’Ll hit, make my life Justin, and I we’re gon na. Do this we’re really gon na do this? You made a difference today, stranger uh-oh, you, here’s that key. I promised hopefully gon na make your life a whole hell of a lot easier nice.

I don’t even like the way you walk. Don’T even start with me. Oh Ellie, oh that’s cool. It says gain access to the cannery for the pump parts cannery so we’re here. Oh mate, ah mate! No!

Ah, this is a cool knife. I think this is one of the knifes yeah. This is the National Guard knife. This is what you get for. Pre-Ordering the game, along with Rick’s handgun and Lucille as well, which is pretty cool. The cool thing is like say you can pick up a bottle like this.

You just smash it somewhere yeah sharp edge and then use it to take some of these scumbags out oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh. We found it, we found it, we found it found it fair. Okay, let’s drop this. For now. She nice the music’s, getting all crazy, Oh God, Oh God, something bad happened here.

His blood is so dark in here, and the music is not helping. It’S getting super creepy, oh god, oh god, mate mate! Oh it’s so so dark! I guess we go upstairs. I like it here them! Oh me, Oh God, Jesus!

What is going on up here! All I’ve got. Is this the pump? I think it is yes. I guess this is what we need. Oh crap, now, there’s so many of them down there.

Well, what is this thing? Oh yeah, it’s like a saw blade attached to a stick. I like it. Please let this be the way out. Oh, it is hey.

Buddy uh-oh! Oh god, oh god, oh there’s, more! Oh, assemble the pump regulator, I’ll okay.

So if we take this – and we take this this together – nice – let’s get our brain into laut – Oh mate – oh god there’s so many of them. This isn’t doing much I’ll! Never go head off.

Slicing heads, that’s pretty sick! Oh my heart rate just went up 100 % official, Oh God, oh god. No! Oh crap! Right!

Let’S run oh there’s! So many of them no run run run run run this. Why is there so many right?

Bandage bandage on you have to wrap around your hand like this. Oh okay, we’re getting better we’re getting better. Oh, I managed to escape right. Okay, let’s get some more bandages on you need to heal up.

Oh, that was nuts get some food in us mm-hmm. Here we can look around for another another weapon. Oh this Sheriff hello.

I think this is yeah. This is Rick Grimes his gun, oh yeah. This is what we need. Oh this one packs a punch for sure. Okay, we’re going to be very careful with this guy. We need him because we need his intestines.

Oh wait. We need to rub this on ourselves, so these guys will ignore us. Okay, these guys should kind of ignore us.

Now we can get back to the boat safely, there’s just so many of them, my god. Oh god, it’s worn out! Well, we need to get out of here fast there’s. So many of them, oh crap, run run run, run, run, run around him. Let’S get bandage on, never got any bandages medicine, medicine medicine go, go, go, go, go, go, go we’re almost there we’re almost there. Ah mate.

I can see the boat. Oh thank God for that. Let’S get out of here! So we just about made it back to our base. We’Ve got the pump that we needed, so that’s about as much of the game.

I can show you right now. I hope you enjoyed it, let’s jump to the outro okay, so there we have it. That’S the walking dead, saints and sinners played on the oculus rift s, there’s just so much going on in this game from the visualization of a flooded Walker, infested, New Orleans, the character interactions with dialog trees, the exploring looting and crafting mechanics all set within this Walking Dead universe, I’m definitely looking forward to playing more of this title over the coming weeks prior to its release.

So I feel very lucky and fortunate indeed to have early access to the game, which of course, is all thanks to skydance Interactive for getting in touch and sponsoring this video. I really really appreciate it, but let me know what you guys and girls think of The Walking Dead, saints and sinners in the comments down below. Are you excited for this title? If so, what platform are you planning to play it on the PC, VR, psvr or gon na hold out for the oculus quest version? I’D love to know in the comments down below leave a like if you liked this video make sure you’re subscribed for all my future content and as always I’ll see you on the next one Cheers.

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