The Why’s and How’s of Online Casino Registration Bonuses

One of the most attractive features of online casinos are the considerable to ridiculously high sign-up bonuses available to new players. While it is obvious they are meant as additional incentive for more players to join in, there are many facets to the casino bonus game which are worth considering.

The basics

Online casinos offer two kinds of sign-up bonuses: no deposit (usually a modest sum) or deposit (a multiple of the first sum you deposit on your new account, and often on subsequent deposits as well). Both kinds aim at reeling new players in and giving them incentives to keep playing. The deposit-dependent option seems particularly attractive: when you load, say, 50 pounds on your account, the casino would instantly add 150 pounds on top of that. It just makes you feel like a winner before you even started playing.

So are sign-up bonuses just free money?

Most of the time they are not. Whenever you enter an online casino’s bonus scheme, you are required to make a certain number of wagers before you can request a payout from your account. Most casinos impose restrictions on so-called “low risk” or “risk-free” betting when you play with their bonuses, tipping the scale in the bank’s favor. Other bonuses – called “phantom” – are not cashable under any conditions. Read the bonus terms & conditions carefully!

All this only shows the rapid growth of the online casino industry and the scope for innovations and progress in gaming software. Currently there are hundreds of online casinos on the internet, licensed and trustworthy. This does not mean that all the online casinos on the net are secure; there will always be a few gimmicks in every medium after all. However these can easily be avoided with some background checking and research into online casino reviews.

Some online casinos specialize in specific games such as the All Slots Casino which boasts of its collection of slots. These casinos also host other popular games so as to give their customers a variety of choice. Many online payment methods thrive on business coming from online casinos and often provide special bonuses if players make deposits using their payment mediums. Online casinos also offer tournaments and competitions that players can participate in and win big money from. These tournaments are held on specific dates and often may be tied up with other casinos. Best Online Casino also offer loyalty programs through which frequent players get additional benefits and can earn redeemable reward points.