What’s bonus hunting? Is it ilegal?

Like previously stated Online Casinos are constantly competing against each other. They offer various bonuses, trying to attract players. The advantage player knows how to turn this “generosity” into his favour. Is it ilegal? No its not, coz all you have to do is to comply to casino terms and conditions and play by the rules.

How is done?

Smart player knows that by playing game of blackjack and using online casino bonuses can turn house advantage into his favour. Blackjack is the game with the lowest house edge (usually around 0.5%,depending of BJ rules). Lets say certain online casino is offering 100% up to $200 sign up bonus, with a wagering requirement of 20 times the bonus. This means if you deposit $200 youll get additional bonus of $200 (totaling $400) , with a wagering requirements of $4000 ( 20 times the bonus money). Wagering requirements( WR ) means you have to wager certain amount before you can request a withdrawal of your winnings. This welcome bonus combined with your play at BJ table is all you need to make decent profit.

How to turn $100 into $1000?

Its really simple. Make deposit at online casino that allows BJ, receive a bonus, meet a wagering requirements and then cashout. Then go to another casino,do the same, then to anothere…see my point. All you need is $100 or currency equivalent to start bonus hunting.

Now, what is the actual bonus hunting strategy.

-play only the game of blackjack

-play the minimum allowed bet ( usually $1or $2 a hand)

-play perfect basic strategy using basic strategy chart 

 -do not increase your bet size if you run to bad streak ( do not use double up or Martingale system)

-play when you feel confortable, dont play tired

-when you meet the wagering requirements ( WR ) cash out and go after another bonus.

Example: Your bet size is $1 per hand.Lets say you lose 5 hands in a row. You are now down by $5. Lets say you win the next 5 hands. You are now even,but you wagered $10. And thats how you clear the wagering requirment. Sure it will take time to meet WR, but its easy money and all you need to do is to play by the strategy.

Basically what are you doing is playing safe. If you only bet small amounts then its more likely to survive the bad runs. And believe me youll run to bad streaks. Me for more than once ran to losing sessions of 20  consecutive hands. But since i played only $1a hand , i was able to recover , since i lost only $20. Now imagine i played $10 or more a hand i would lost it all. Thats why you need to place minimum bets, or to grind as bonus hunters would like to say. But also i had huge winning sessions.